Duvall Art Walk

The 2013 Duvall Art & Wine Walk is Saturday, September 14th, from 5-8 PM.

What is the Art & Wine Walk?                                                                                            Businesses in downtown Duvall make room for artists to display their work for one day. The public is free to go into the businesses to see the art and chat with the artists. Most art may be purchased, but it can be viewed at no charge. This juried event aims to showcase professional artists of the Snoqualmie Valley along with regional artists of note. Many venues will have music and other exhibits. Participating businesses will have a banner hanging in front of their door. Maps will be available at all venues and on this website prior to the event.

Centennial Sculpture by Dan Cautrell Unveiled                                                            The third and final Duvall Centennial sculpture by local artist Dan Cuatrell will be unveiled at 5:00 PM at the entrance to Depot & McCormick Parks at 26200 NE Stevens Street, Duvall. The sculpture, made of concrete and steel, is titled “Origins” and represents the early pioneering era of Duvall.

New This Year! Wine Tasting                                                                                          This year we will have wine tasting hosted by Cascade Community Theatre and will include several wineries. Tickets can be purchased for $20 for 10 tastes during the event at WestStar Pacific Mortgage and the Duvall Visitor & Centennial Center. Proceeds to go toward repairing thte DCC stage.

The Art of Music                                                                                                         Musical acts scheduled for the event are:

5:00-8:00pm Folk jam at the Depot with the Poindexters and Sparky Cordite and the Flash Mob   (26200 NE Stephens ST.)                                                                   5:00-6:30pm Flamenco fusion guitarist Gil Piger at WestStar Pacific Mortgage             (Main St. & Valley St.)                                                                                                       5:00-6:30pm Solo flutist Linda Sebenius at Coldwell Banker Bain                                   (Main St. & Stephens St.)                                                                                                 5:30-7:00pm Contemporary acoustic by Blue Ink at Northwest Art Center                   (15515 Main St)                                                                                                                  6:00-7:30pm Irish music by Bowi Lite at the Duvall Visitor and Centennial Center            (15619 Main St)                                                                                                               6:30-8:00pm Singer/songwriter Jeff Zuber at Best Buddy Dog Wash                             (Main St. & Stephens St.)                                                                                                  6:30-8:30pm Eastside Modern Jazz Quartet at the former Laurel Tree gallery              (15702 Main St)                                                                                                                  7:30-10:00pm Indy/folk artist Carly Calbero at Match Coffee & Wine Bar                        (15705 Main St)

Please note: details may change!

Thanks to our sponsors and partners: WestStar Pacific Mortgage, The Irwin Group, Northwest Art Center, Allstate Insurance, Match Coffee & Wine Bar, Cascade Community Theatre,  Duvall Foundation for the Arts.


Artist Info:

2013 Call for Artists                                                                                                      2013 Artist Participation Guidelines                                                                              2013 Artist Submission

Venue Info:                                                                                                                   Venue Information                                                                                                       2013 Venue Application

Questions?    Kass Holdemann: 206-715-6693    kass.holdeman@duvallwa.gov


Artists from 2012 Art Walk:  Bob Antone, Elena Balekha, Dan Cautrell, Joe Lee Davidson, Jody Doran, Lee Hendrickson, Julie Frazier, Mallory Milke, Gwen Maxwell-Williams, Kyoko Niikuni, Todd Purnick, Shelley Skoropinksi, and Janelle Lile.

Musical performances from 2012 Art Walk: Blake Noble, DJ Zube, Kellee Bradley, Kelly Shirey, the River Winds Band Quintet, Jeff Zuber, the Elle Flute Trio, and a Jam on the porch of the Depot.

For details on Artist, Music & Venue Line-up click here: Duvall Art Walk 2012 Line-up

Link to Map: Duvall Art Walk 2012 Map

Special thanks to Cascade Community Theatre for providing sound and tech support!