Raise the Stage

It’s time to move on…to a new stage!

The City of Duvall Cultural Commission has received a grant for a portion of the needed funds to purchase a new stage and now fundraising begins! Hopefully this information will answer most of your questions about why and how we will get a new stage for Duvall.

Why doesn’t the City build a permanent structure for the park?                     McCormick Park floods most winters so a permanent structure is not feasible.

What is wrong with the current stage and what are the benefits of a new stage?  Follow this link.                                   

Didn’t the Duvall Tavern fix the stage?                                                                          The  Duvall Tavern was able to do some immediate repairs to the roof and deck, plug up some holes from rust and other safety improvements, as well as giving it a new paint job at their Lennon Crane facility in Monroe. Unfortunately, they were not able to change the roof style or the decking. The Duvall Tavern is also a Stage Sponsor and pays a yearly cash amount toward Duvall Cultural Commission events.

Are there options other than a new Showmobile mobile stage?                                      The City of Duvall has been watching auctions and other “for sale” listings to find a newer used stage for several years. These stages are rarely sold in a condition better than our current one. A stage is a significant investment and most cities and organizations that have them plan to keep them for many years. There are other brands of mobile stages which have different features and benefits; the cost is similar.  The City also looked into the cost of major refurbishing. The benefits did not justify the cost.                                

What will happen to the old stage?                                                                                    It will be sold when we are near our fundraising goal.

Where will all the money come from to buy the new stage?                                          The City of Duvall received a grant from King County’s 4Culture program that distributes money from the hotel tax throughout King County. The grant allows us two years to raise the balance of the funds needed and purchase a stage. We are now reaching out to those who have enjoyed the many programs that have used this stage and asking those who are able to pitch in and make a donation of any size. Other sources of funds are:

  • Other grants and sponsors.
  • The Duvall Cultural Commission’s share of the profits of the SummerStage Beer & Wine Garden and the Art & Wine Walk.
  • Sale of the old stage.
  • Upcoming fundraising events.

How can you make a donation?                                                                                            Follow this link to the GoFundMe.com website.

For more information, please contact Kass.Holdeman@msn.com