The Senate – August 5, 2015

The Senate returns to SummerStage after wowing the crowd last year with their unique style of folk music. The Senate’s catchy compositions, tight arrangements, and unorthodox instrumental techniques create a musical hybrid that continues to push the boundaries of acoustic instrumentation. The band formed in 2002 as the teens discovered each other’s unique performance styles. The members’ diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from Afro-pop to heavy metal to musical theater, proved to be an asset as they developed their own sound. With three-part vocal harmonies and a heavily percussive playing style, the Senate’s songs range from simple and introspective to driving and chaotic with insightful and cutting lyrics about  love, war, death, power, and drinking in space. The Senate has sold out the Triple Door and won opening slots for Everclear, the Paperboys, and Vicci Martinez.

The band members have since moved on to pursue individual goals (Nick as a member of Impossible Bird and as a solo artist, Oliver as a solo artist, Andrew as an entertainer and founding performer of Raditactical), but a few times a year they reconvene for wildly popular shows. For those that attend, one thing remains clear: there is magic in this band; The Senate puts on a concert that is not to be missed. 

Food trucks and Beer & Wine Garden open at 5:30; food truck is Tasty Vibes with some new kid friendly sliders.

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The Senate