2012 Duvall Art Walk

Call for Artists for the 2012 Duvall Art Walk:

The 2012 Duvall Art Walk, presented by the Duvall Cultural Commission, is seeking artists to participate. This year the Art Walk will take place on Saturday, August 25th, from 5-8 pm in Historic Duvall. This juried event aims to showcase the artists of the Snoqualmie Valley along with regional artists of note. Duvall is one of five small towns in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, a rural area 25 miles from Seattle, which combines the best of rural living with easy access to Seattle’s cultural and technological core.

What is the Duvall Art Walk? DAW is where businesses make room for artists to display their work for one day. The public is free to go into the businesses to see the art. The art may be purchased from the artist with the business receiving a 20% commission. Some venues offer free or reduced price refreshments and DCC provides music at appropriate venues throughout the event. Previous year’s art walks had an average attendance of 200. Attendees were of all ages with approximately 80% from the Duvall area.


  •  Submissions should include the Artist Application and a minimum of three examples of work in digital form.
  •  Artist Applications are available online: 2012 Duvall Art Walk 
  •  Artist submissions can be made through email to: artwalk@duvallculture.org  
  • Deadline to apply is July 25th. Artists will be notified of acceptance by July 28th.
  • There is no guarantee of acceptance into the show.

If you have any questions, please call Kass Holdeman at 206-715-6693.
We look forward to your participation and are excited for you to share your art with us and with the community.
Thank you,
Duvall Art Walk Committee
Duvall Cultural Commission