Recess Monkey!

DCC is proud to present nationally acclaimed kid’s band Recess Monkey at this year’s Duvall Days Festival!


Recess Monkey at Duvall Days: Saturday June 1st, 1:30pm, Union Bank parking lot, 15305  Main St. Free!

Recess Monkey is the nationally acclaimed trio of elementary school teachers who make music for kids and families that truly rocks.  Known for their contagiously exciting live shows, Recess Monkey strikes a balance between kid-centric ideas and musical authenticity. Lyrically, they weave jokes and puns together with universal childhood themes, speaking to both kids and their parents with catchy, melodic songs.

“These kids’ songs are … awesome! … There are bands you can’t go wrong with, and this is one of them.” – USA Today

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Duvall Poetry

Duvall Poetry has open mic & a featured reader every first Wednesday at Match Coffee & Wine Bar. Open mic signup starts at 6:00. Open mic at 6:30. Featured reader at 7:00. Bring your poetry, prose or even song, along with a friend to hear you at the mic!

Ana Kobayashi Features October 3rd

XII. Adapt: Dis – member
By Ana Kobayashi

I give you my toe
Which will repair your lungs.
I take your left thumb
since it fits on my right cheekbone.
I pull apart my ribcage,
Trying to make room for your collarbone,
But it won’t fit
On account of your pelvis that is still inside,
Pushing on my diaphragm.
I leave the scattered ribs lying on the ground,
But take the smooth edge of your orbits instead,
And tuck them in my pocket.
I hear my toenails rattle inside your elbow –
You are speaking sign language,
Singing love songs.

@copyright 2012, Ana Kobayashi